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Three Things We’re Watching

By July 13, 2021January 25th, 2022No Comments

Every other week we share with you three things that we’re taking note of – from pop culture to communications’ trends to relevant mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this helps you stay in the know and at the top of your game.

NFL signs multiyear extension of deal with Twitter: The NFL extended its Twitter deal, making it the first sports league to “offer sponsored Twitter Spaces, giving both brands and fans new opportunities to connect and engage with live NFL audio,” the two companies said via an official release that will be distributed this morning.

Gender neutral clothes are the next big thing in fashion: When walking into a traditional department store or browsing your favorite online retailer, shoppers typically navigate clothing options by first choosing a section based on its gender label: Men’s or Women’s, Girl’s or Boy’s.But some fashion-lovers don’t identify within this gender binary, and they, and in particular Gen Z consumers, are creating demand for more inclusive and gender-neutral fashion offerings. That’s prompting stores who want to attract their dollars to pay attention.

Could Gen Z free the world from email?: Despite the reasonable qualms of older generations, Generation Z — generally defined as people born between 1997 and 2012 — is pioneering the return of chaotic trends like low-rise jeans, pop-punk and Ed Hardy. But members of Gen Z do seem to agree with their elders on one thing: Email. Ugh. And, if we’re lucky, maybe they can one day save everyone from overflowing inboxes.

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