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Three Things We’re Watching

By July 29, 2021January 25th, 2022No Comments

Every other week we share with you three things that we’re taking note of – from pop culture to communications’ trends to relevant mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this helps you stay in the know and at the top of your game.

Why Magazine Covers are Making a Comeback: On magazine covers so far this year, we’ve seen President Trump falling down an escalator while shooting his thumbs straight up, Dr. Ford visualized using words from her testimony and wide-ranging, unique uses of typography. These covers have been eye-catching and in this quick-fire news cycle, it’s become ever important to design a magazine cover that’s relevant and noteworthy.Unusual Olympics put digital, mobile marketing tactics to the test: The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are anything but business as usual, with marketers putting digital and omnichannel tactics to the test as they try to engage viewers whose interest in the event could be dwindling. Nearly half of surveyed U.S. consumers (45%) were not looking forward to the games ahead of their kickoff late last week, according to Zeta Global findings, meaning brands will need to put in more legwork on the innovation front to stand out.

10 Clever Ways Brand Activations Have Used Vending Machines: Here’s how brands like Target, Hyatt, Urban Decay and National Geographic have used vending machines to promote new products, distribute prizes, generate social media posts and more. From a “dance for treats” activation to a human-powered crème brûlée machine to an oversize prop that shot applesauce packets high into the air, here are some creative ways brands have used vending machines in unexpected—and highly interactive—ways.

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