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Three Things We’re Watching

By July 31, 2023No Comments

Every few weeks we share with you three things that we’re taking note of – from pop culture to communications trends to relevant mergers and acquisitions, helping you think about how to tap into the cultural zeitgeist. Hopefully, this helps you stay in the know and at the top of your game.

The Early Birds are Winning: A shift in lifestyle trends

In a surprising twist, it seems the early birds are taking over as trendy new establishments adjust their schedules to accommodate a growing demand for daytime activities. Hybrid and remote workers are leading the charge, seeking face-to-face interactions and social experiences as soon as their workday ends. This shift has created unexpected connections and friendships, as seen in the case of Kathy Hatfield, who found camaraderie with a group of regulars after her early solo dinners. Restaurants are seeing a significant increase in dinner parties starting at 5 p.m. and Uber data confirmed this trend with a rise in trips to restaurants in the 4 p.m. hour and a decline after 8 p.m. Overall, this cultural shift highlights the changing priorities of individuals. People are seeking meaningful connections and a better work-life balance, making early evenings the new prime time for socializing and leisure activities.


Happy Halloween…Already?: A haunting hit: The Home Depot’s July Halloween sale proves early bird wins the season

While many of us are still enjoying the latter half of summer, The Home Depot and other companies are already gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, starting with Halloween. On July 13, Home Depot launched its online sale of Halloween decorations, and one item took the spotlight—the viral 12-foot tall skeleton known as Skelly.  Skeptics may initially think it’s too soon for Halloween, but Lance Allen, the senior merchant of decorative holiday, leveraged past sales data to make a well-calculated decision. The results spoke for themselves as Skelly turned out to be a massive hit, selling out completely in just two days! This serves as a compelling example of how utilizing data can lead to astute marketing and PR choices that yield remarkable success and great media coverage.


Denim Dreams Replaces Barbie Pink as the New Trending Color: Is Denim Dreams the Ken Blue we’ve been searching for?

The frenzy surrounding the Barbie movie has undoubtedly established “Barbie Pink” as the color of the summer. Nevertheless, amidst this pink craze, a new shade emerges, poised to conquer the fashion world: Denim Dreams. This captivating hue of blue embodies the comfort of your favorite, perfectly worn-in pair of jeans, exuding a sense of resilience to face challenges and the boldness to reimagine your own reality. It harmonizes seamlessly with BB’s core values, mirroring our commitment to always choose the higher path, our unwavering resistance to complacency, and our relentless effort to minimize bureaucracy. 

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