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5 Takeaways: Women Who Build

By October 4, 2023No Comments

Every quarter, Babbit Bodner hosts our Women’s Power Breakfast to support and learn from female leaders within the community. The theme for September’s breakfast was “Women Who Build” and the audience had the chance to learn from five amazing panelists: 

  • Janet Simpson, President, TVS 
  • Christina Jay, Assistant General Counsel, BlueLinx Corporation 
  • Jodi Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie 
  • Kali Bonnell, Atlanta Business Unit Leader, DPR Construction 
  • Michelle Ivy, VP of Technology and Production Innovation, Building Products, Georgia-Pacific 

The panelists started out the discussion by talking about how they got into working in companies that have to do with construction, architecture, and design, which led to a conversation about disrupting the status quo working in male-dominated industries. 

1. Confidence is the Key to Succeed 

It is important to have confidence in your everyday life, but it is very important to show confidence in the workplace. When we exude confidence, we are more likely to create better relationships, have a positive outlook, and challenge ourselves to new opportunities. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 

One of the challenges of working is allowing yourself to experience new things. One part that stood out was that a few of the panelists said that they were encouraged by a trusted boss/mentor/friend to pursue any opportunity that came their way. 

3. Focus on Yourself 

All the panelists agreed that you shouldn’t believe in a work life balance, but strive for a work life integration. It is necessary to set and adjust your boundaries and meet your desired goals, while you flow through the seasons of life. 

4. Stand By Your Perspective 

The principal when working with a team is pulling together different perspectives and leading one another towards growth through empathy. Always embrace your perspective and deliver it confidently. 

5. Build and Support Your Team 

Showing vulnerability and trust within your team will be beneficial in the long run when growing your business. Even the small gestures of support will go a long way. You never want anyone to pretend to be someone they are not. 


We’re so grateful for this opportunity to have been able to hear from five incredible individuals to better understand how to effectively grow in your career. We can’t wait until the next Women’s Power Breakfast! 

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